Abridged Jokes

During World War II, a German firing squad captures an American soldier, an English soldier, and a Polish soldier. The first two soldiers escape by yelling out fabricated natural disasters, while the last soldier ironically yells out the natural disaster of "fire," which prompted his execution.

A travelling salesman ends up sleeping at a farmer's house. The farmer warns the salesman not to stick his genitals into any of the three holes on the side of the barn. The salesman totally does, and, in the morning, high-fives the farmer.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Three bananas and an orange.
Three bananas and an orange who?
...And we're done.

A tribe of savages captures two explorers. The leader says, "You have two choices: death or foo-foo." And the first explorer goes, "Yeah, yeah, just give me the one that's not forced sodomy."

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