Recycled Twitter Jokes: Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine Going Bimonthly:

Where to begin? I wouldn't say Spin Magazine is old, but it's named after the motions of vinyl records.

Editors cite lack of new Bob Mould antidotes.

Will only publish during months of Rocktober, Rocember, Februarocky, Rapril, Jtune, and August.

Quotes Thurston Moore of Sonic Yonic: "This sounds like a load of crap, and I should know."

Publisher cites competition from more relevant magazines, like Pogs Monthly and What's on UPN Guide.

With R.E.M. breaking up, they suddenly have less articles to publish.

Reason given by editors is that the phrase "alternative rock" takes two months to say.

They would remain a monthly but Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers forgot to renew, causing subscription dip.

Magazine would publish monthly but Courtney Love won't return its phone calls.

Feedback from competition has been positive. "It's a hit," says Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine.

[From October 5, 2011. Via Twitter and Witstream]

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