An Old Joke Gets Expanded

Previously from Mathematical Bar Jokes:

A drunk 43 has been sitting at the bar all day, harassing everyone. 43 turns to the bartender and says, "Make me a double." Bartender says, "That's it. You're eighty-sixed!"

Joke continues:

43 leaves. Bartender turns to a barfly and says, "See what happened?"
"No," says the barfly.
"43 came in, said 'make me a double,' so I said, 'You're eighty-sixed!"
"You what?," says the barfly.
"I go, 'You're eighty-sixed!"
Barfly turns to the guy next to him, who was the number nine, and said, "Did you hear the bartender?"
"No," says the number nine.
"Some limp-wristed number walked in here and said something queer."
The number nine gets offended. "How dare you speak like that."
Barfly eyes the number nine up and down and says, "What's the matter? You square?"

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