Best of Hack List 2012

Hack List January 2012: Odorless lavender soap.

Hack List February 2012: Getting a tattoo that reads, "Stop looking at my tattoo."

Hack List March 2012: Harvey BallBanger: Junk-dunked cocktail containing vodka, Galliano, and orange juice.

Hack List April 2012: Give it up to yourselves and your host, working hard for you. I was supposed to go on earlier but Spiegelman bumped me.

Hack List May 2012: You find "Hack List" funny because of its wry send-up of Entertainment Weekly.

Hack List June 2012: Hey, who here likes fortune cookies? Not me. If I wanted my fortune told, why would I want a cookie with that?

Hack List July 2012: Want to advertising in the Hack List? Contact the Hack List! Serious inquiries only.

Hack List August 2012: Sketch Guy 1: Wilson, there's no holiday during the month of August! As greeting card executives, this provides conflict.
Sketch Guy 2: I know, boss. Let's create a new holiday. Boom! Premise.

Hack List September 2012: Wingmen who help you score but don't score themselves.

Hack List October 2012: Halloween Decorations.

Hack List November 2012: Onion bagels that look like garlic bagels.

Hack List December 2012: Putting used batteries in the compost bin.

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