Hack List August 2012

There are no American holidays during the month of August.

Premise #1: Song Parody

There's no holidays in August-bodia
Where the people dress in black.
No holidays in August-bodia
Where blah blah blah BLAH!

Premise #2: Sketch

[Segues from previous sketch with:
Game Show Host: Did you know there's no holidays in August? Wonder if Hallmark knew? Let's find out...]

INT. Greeting Card Corporate Board Room. Enter TWO MEN FROM THE SKETCH GROUP, dressed in suits to quickly establish they're GREETING CARD EXECUTIVES.

Sketch Guy 1: Wilson, there's no holiday during the month of August! As greeting card executives, this provides conflict.

Sketch Guy 2: I know, boss. Let's create a new holiday. Boom! Premise.

Sketch Guy 1: No. I rather enjoy a serene month off from holidays and weddings. Left turn from premise, edgy sketch comedy.

Sketch Guy 2: Uh...

Sketch Guy 1: Do shut up, Wilson. Let's ask Marketing. Marketing!


Sketch Guy 1: Well, what do you think?

Sketch Guy 3: Uh...

Sketch Guy 4: Err...

Sketch Guy 5: Ah...

Sketch Guy 6: Um...

Sketch Guy 7: Gah...

Sketch Guy 1: Get out of my office!!!

Premise #3: Improv

Player 1: Welcome to this dry cleaners in Butte, Montana.

Player 2: Yeah, I fucking want to know, in the style of David Fucking Mamet, why are there no fucking holidays in fucking August?

Player 1: That's because...

Player 3: Freeze!

Players 1 & 2 freeze. Player 3 taps out Player 1. Player 1 exits stage. Player 3 resumes Player 1's role.

Player 3: Penis!

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