Life Lessons Learned While Watching the New Year's Eve/Day Twilight Zone Marathon on Sci-Fi Channel

Don't pick up that hitchhiker.

If you get shot and then meet your son as a ten-year-old, chances are
you're dead.

Small towns always have a carousel in them for some reason.

If your greatest fear is death by blow jobs, you'll die happy.

Before Nike t-shirts were invented, men wore suits with ties.

Every time you figure out the twist, you must drink a beer.

Boy, that Loch Ness monster in the ad for Sci-Fi's original movie sure
looks fake.

Rod Sterling might sound like a pretentious prick, but he's still not
as annoying as Keith Olbermann.

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Noneofyerbeeswax said...

Also - there are annoying aliens disturbing your movie walking around on the airplane wing.