Family Restaurant Menu, Part 6.6: Entrees: Steaks, Prime Ribs, and Briskets


Recall beef in this family restaurant? Yes, it must be a downer to see our USDA-certified beef supply cease. But don't have a cow, man, our beef will still live on inside many of you.

Our steaks and prime ribs will return, fresh from the organic cloning labs. This beef will be tender, juicy, and able to obey orders. By reading sentences with the words recall, downer, cow, and tainted meat, you legally absolve us from any retroactive steak dinners. Ask for our special free sample.

New! Free! Swedish Meatballs Sample
Made from new, healthy cloned beef. Eat all you want, we'll clone more!

Also, let's not get Hamburgers involved. It'll be our little secret.

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