Family Restaurant Menu, Part 9.4: Brunch: Brunch Time Theater insert

This restaurant proudly presents live entertainment every Sunday morning at 10:30 am.

First Sunday of the month:
Open Mic Stand-Up Comedy
Comedians wait their turn and don't order drinks. Sign-up 5:30 am. Featuring Creepy the Comic, Emotional Life Waster, and Mike Spiegelman.

Second Sunday of the month:
Murder Mystery
Actors stay in character and walk up to your table and emote something about a crime. Was the lonely librarian murdered or was it just food poisoning like the cops say? Do not tip or feed the actors.

Third Sunday of the month:
Jazz Brunch
Enjoy the ramblings of local jazz trios. Alternates with Piano Bar Sunday, depending on how high the bassist and drummer are.

Fourth Sunday of the month:
Open Mic Spoken Word Poetry
Sign-up 5:30 am. No comics allowed.

Fifth Sunday of the month (when applicable):
Employee Meeting
Middle management answers questions from the waitstaff.

To Marketing
From Legal
We don't hold a cabaret licence and fail fire safety standards required to present live music or entertainment. Do not print up any inserts.

From Marketing
To Legal
Too late.

From Legal
To Marketing
Did you by chance go forward in time and include this email thread in the printed insert, too?

From Marketing
To Legal

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