What's That New Store Opening Up in Your Neighborhood?

Oxygen Bar 
Dollar Store to Compete with Dollar Store Across the Street 
Scary Donut Store with Cute Name 
Retro Sneaker Boutique 
Indoor Flea Market 
Bookstore with Starbuck's in it 
Comedy Traffic School 
McDonald's Diner 
Martini Sushi Bar 
Parking Garage 
Pinkberrys knock-off 
Mob Front 
Nail Salon 
Crack Den 
Video Arcade 
Vegetarian Restaurant slash Motivational Center 
Dunkin' Donuts 
Storefront Apartment 
Adult Bookstore 
Starbuck's with Blockbuster's Video in it
Planet Hollywood II 
Antique Store and the Owner's a Jerk 

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Me-Me King said...

Ha! Not in my neighborhood.